Growth Strategy #14: Reframing

Growth Strategy #14: Reframing

Good for: Changing your perception to enable you to see a situation from a different point of view, helping you to feel different.

Best completed by: You

Reframing is a technique used in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) that involves changing the way you look at a situation. 🧐

When you reframe something, you view it from a different perspective. 🤗 This can help you to see the situation in a new light and can even change the way you feel about it.

This mindset technique that enables you to see a situation from a different point of view and can help you to feel different.   This provides you with an opportunity to disrupt a train of thought or emotion that may not be helpful or positive.

Interactionist sociologists and cognitive psychologists suggest that individuals create meaning in their daily lives, thus each of us has the ability to perceive/view things in the way we choose.  This is the reason why something may happen to two people, but they may respond in different ways.

Reframing can be a useful tool to help you deal with difficult situations. It can also be used to challenge negative thoughts and emotions.

If you’re finding it hard to see the positive side of a situation, or if you’re stuck in a negative thought pattern, reframing can help you to break free and see things differently.  Here is an example...

A person losing their job…

Person #1 – Goes into a deep depression, preventing them from working for several months or years

Person #2 – Feels positive about the new opportunities that will be available to them

Here are some examples of how reframing can be used:

-If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a task, you can reframe it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

-If you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming event, you can reframe it as excitement.

-If you’re feeling down about a situation, you can reframe it as a chance to build resilience.

The possibilities are endless – it’s all about how you choose to look at a situation.

Next time you’re finding it hard to see the silver lining, try reframing the situation and see how it changes things for you.

Questions to help you reframe

· How is this situation perfect right now?

· What is the perfection in this?

· If this is happening for a reason, what could it be?

· I am where I suppose to be right now because…

Have a great week!

Dionne xxx ✨

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