Growth Strategy #8: Questions for Self-Inquiry

Growth Strategy #8:  Questions for Self-Inquiry

Good for: Discovering the benefits of asking thought-provoking questions using self-inquiry.

Best completed by: You

"Questioning is a basic tool for rebellion. It breaks open the stagnant hardened shells of the present, revealing ambiguity and opening up fresh options to be explored." Fran Peavey

In her book, Strategic Questioning Fran Peavey outlines the purpose and power of questions.  🤔 She suggests that questions…

-force you to go within to find an answer as you are best placed to answer questions related to you.  Nobody can know you better than you

-can be life-changing – as answers contain the potential to inspire you to make changes in your life

-help you create ideas for change –  discover what change might look like for you or others

-uncover what you have hidden – providing the opportunity to rediscover things that you are ignoring or do not want to address

-identify what is getting in your way – if you are experiencing barriers, questions enable you to explore what you may be allowing to stand in your way

-reveal solutions – instead of seeking external solutions, questions ask you to come up with the solutions yourself

-empower you – by taking responsibility to answer the questions you have the power to find the solution and then take the required action.

-inspire action – when you find answers you can choose to take action by yourself or with others

-create shifts – sometimes being stuck keeps you from making progress, however questions have the power to help you achieve clarity or new ideas so you can move forward.

-provide options – instead of seeing things in one way, questions enable you to come up with several answers so that you can view the options available to you.

-can lead to transformation – questions inspire you to affirm where you are and where you desire to be.

-inspire social change – you may desire to make a difference in the world and questions challenge how things are and how you believe things can be.

-encourage listening – listen to your thoughts and emotions to discover things about yourself; your daily train of thought and the emotions that you feel are powerful indicators of the life you are living.

-liberate you – free yourself from what you once believed – we live in an information age, where there are many truths that you can choose from – some of those can liberate you and enable you to achieve a sense of personal freedom.

-enable another's point of view – allows you to step outside of yourself to evaluate your contributions to situations.

-clarify your thoughts – if you have a lot going on in your mind, questions can help you to become clearer about your ideas and ways forward.  This can help you to break things down into manageable chunks.

-build confidence – you have the answers you need – become confident in answering questions and finding solutions.

-check assumptions – review your values and beliefs to check if you are making subjective assumptions based on your model of the world, which could be judgmental and biased.

-confront limitations – you have the ability to think as big or as small as you choose.

Source:  Overstand You: Know and Create Yourself Using the Power of Questions (Series 1)    Author Dionne Jude

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